Our craftsmen may use traditional tools to create beautiful pieces of Alexandrite jewelry, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enter the digital arena when it comes to payments.

Which is why we’ve taken a big leap forward and can now accept some popular crypto currencies as payment for any of our famous collections.

Joining the likes of Tesla and Mastercard, we’ve always looked to the future in how to make purchases easier for our customers and we’re now busy adapting our website to make online crypto currency payments as easy, safe and seamless as possible for the growing number of customers who prefer this payment method. 

For those who remember how their first credit card made a big difference to what they could buy, we believe that crypto currencies will make the same difference.

For those who have dreamed of owning one of the rarest gems on earth, your dreams can now come true now you can purchase your favorite piece and pay with digital currency.

April 18, 2021