Like all precious jewelry, pieces containing Alexandrite should be treated with care and especially when cleaning. 

Although it’s renowned for being a hard gem, the incorrect way of cleaning alexandrite can still affect it.  

How do you know if your jewelry needs cleaning?

Most of the time you actually won’t, but minute amounts of debris from many sources can work their way onto the gems surface and, whilst it will not discolour it, can reduce the shine.

Make-up and hair spray can settle on both earrings and pendants or necklaces whilst dust, hand lotion and soap is most likely to affect rings and bracelets. 

The best way of cleaning your precious alexandrite jewelry is to simply wash it in warm water with a few drops of liquid soap for a few minutes using as soft a cloth available. 

It’s not recommended that it’s brushed with a nail brush, for example, as this can damage the setting over time. When the washing is complete, rinse it with cold water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

If you want the best cleaning from experienced hands, we at Safiya Alexandrites also offer a cleaning service for our valued customers. For more details please contact our Customer Care department on 1 213 327 0966 where we’ll be delighted to help.

Alternatively, an ultrasonic or steam cleaner can be used and they will deliver a truly professional finish. It’s not recommended to use an ultrasonic cleaner if your alexandrite has a Tungsten setting is the metal will be damaged. 

If you want to purchase one yourself, you’ll find quite a few online. Otherwise your local jeweller may be able to assist.

February 23, 2021