Alexandrite Pendants

Explore our exquisite collection of beautiful Alexandrite Pendants made with the precious natural alexandrite gemstone.

Buying natural Alexandrite Pendants online

How can you tell if an alexandrite pendant is real?

  • The best way to tell if an alexandrite pendant is genuine or not would be to send the stone or jewelry to a reputed gem lab such as GIA or AGL. There would be a cost involved but it will give you the piece of mind of knowing the authenticity of the stone you have. Safiya jewel provides a certificate of authenticity with every alexandrite pendant in our store.

How to identify an Alexandrite gemstone

  • Gemologists are taught to identify gemstones using a number of different tests. Some of these tests may require special equipment but the refractive index can quickly determine if your stone is an alexandrite or something else. A microscope and other tests may be required to determine if the alexandrite is natural or synthetic.

How to determine the value of alexandrite pendant

  • The value of an alexandrite pendant is determined by 4 important factors: the origin, the size, the clarity and color change of the alexandrite gemstone and the weight of the gold along with the charges for craftsmanship. Russian alexandrites are extremely rare and if you have one it may be worth listing it in a famous auction house like Sotheby’s or Christies. Just make sure you have multiple gem lab reports confirming the origin of the stone.