Diamonds are cool, but have you thought of proposing to the love of your life with an alexandrite engagement ring? Alexandrites are alluring, charming, rare, and magical - now, isn't that a splendid blend of qualities to look for in a precious stone? Rather than settling for a passing trend, it's way better to mark this milestone in your life with something unique and worth remembering - like a stunning alexandrite gemstone!

Let's find out more about Alexandrite - and by the end of this post, we're sure you'll put all your hesitations away and pick the best alexandrite engagement ring!

Alexandrite Rings: An Introduction

A rare stone in the family of precious stones, Alexandrite is known for its magical color-changing properties. Emerald green by the day and Ruby red by the end of the day, alexandrite changes reflect different hues depending on the light it is exposed to. It belongs to the Chrysoberyl family and is tagged pleochroic, thanks to its color-changing qualities.

The history of alexandrites is all the more unique - these stones were first discovered in 1834 in the Ural mountains of Russia. An unexpected find in an emerald mine, these precious stones were named after Alexander II - the Russian emperor. It is interesting to note that the stone was found the same day the Russian emperor came of age! Alexandrites prominently displayed two colors - red and green, both of which were colors of the old imperial Russia. This is why the stone was also adopted as the national stone of the Russian empire. The royal connection of alexandrites and their rarity make them all the more exclusive and special - just like your loved one! The Russian mines have since been completely depleted and today the best alexandrites come from a single mine in Brazil.

Is the Alexandrite Engagement Ring Right for You?

Like every other precious stone, Alexandrite also comes with its pros and cons. Let's have a look at both aspects so that you can make an informed choice:


Super Rare

Naturally formed alexandrites are very hard to come across, but if you're lucky enough to find one, there's nothing like it! This stone is not readily available in nature and forms only when a specific set of minerals and compounds happen to combine. The result of this process is your stunning, pristine, and equally mesmerizing Alexandrite. The rarity of this stone makes it the perfect pick for an engagement ring.

Unique Qualities

No other gemstone out there has color-changing properties that can match - and this adds to the uniqueness of alexandrites. The strongly pleochroic gemstone easily changes its colors due to the presence of chromium. As the illumination changes through the day, the Alexandrite will change colors depending on the extent of exposure to light. You'd see a sparkly green color in bright light, whereas in dimmed light, the stone shines in a lovely shade of red.

Durable and Long Lasting

Natural Alexandrite or real alexandrite is extremely hard and is known for its durability. Every precious stone is rated for its hardness on Moh's scale. This scale helps us understand how tough and scratch-proof any given stone is. The least rated gemstone on the Mohs scale is Talc, which stands at number one. The highest is diamond, which is rated 10.

On this scale, Alexandrite stands at 8.5, which is a pretty good score. It comes next only to diamond and corundum, which stand in first and second place on the hardness scale. This makes Alexandrite an excellent choice for everyday usage, as it can easily resist chipping and cracking.


Not as Durable as Diamonds

Though alexandrites are hard, durable, and tough, they are still not as durable as diamonds. So if you're looking for a stronger precious stone, you can opt for diamonds. But, if you're looking for a gemstone that offers a wonderful blend of amazing qualities, Alexandrite is a great pick!

Lesser Sparkle As Compared to Diamonds

If you're someone who loves bling jewelry, alexandrites aren't for you. Although these stones are no doubt rare and have mesmerizing properties, they still don't sparkle as brightly as diamonds do. But again, if you look at it as a package, an alexandrite still wins over any other precious stones.

Checklist for Looking for an Alexandrite Ring

Your engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, so you need to be careful before you pick the best alexandrite ring. Whenever you invest in a precious stone like Alexandrite, you need to keep a set of critical factors in mind. With due consideration, you can get the best, authentic gemstone ring at a good price. This is important to keep in mind if you don't want to get scammed into paying an exorbitant amount for inauthentic stones. Here's a list of factors you need to look into before you make your purchase:

Deep Beauty features a rare princess cut alexandrite


There's a wide range of alexandrites available out there in the market, each featuring different cuts. Standard shapes or funky cuts, alexandrites look amazing irrespective of their cut. The pleochroic qualities of alexandrites make it difficult for cutters to give it a custom shape. The whole idea is to retain the color-changing properties while cutting the stone so that it shines amazingly well in any type of lighting.

A well-cut alexandrite would hint at two shades at the top, irrespective of the lighting setup. The proportions of the cutting matters so always make sure the stone is visibly appealing and show the dancing of the colors. Make sure the stone does not appear too dark or dull. Alexandrites are commonly found in Oval shapes as this results in the least amount of wastage when cut from its rough form. Rounds are also common in smaller sizes. Emerald and princess cuts carry a premium as it is much scarcer to find.

Our most exclusive Dream Seeker Platinum Ring featuring a large 3.88ct Natural Alexandrite


Naturally occurring Alexandrites that weigh more than a carat are difficult to find. And if you do find them, they'll be super expensive as they are rare. Higher carat alexandrites are created in laboratories, and these lab-generated stones are relatively cheaper as well. The properties of both natural Alexandrite and laboratory-generated Alexandrite are similar. However, there is a distinct difference in the quality of the color change between a natural alexandrite and one that is made in a lab. A trained eye can easily spot the difference and the true charm of alexandrites can only be found in the ones produced by nature.


The clarity of an Alexandrite is the most important aspect, as it determines its ability to reflect light. When an alexandrite is clear and bright, it can reflect light well, thus positively impacting its color-changing properties as well. Hence, the higher the clarity of your Alexandrite, the more its price will be. Naturally occurring alexandrites feature a few inherent flaws, but despite this, the color-changing properties of natural alexandrites are impeccable. Some unique alexandrites also feature rutile inclusions, resulting in an incredible visual phenomenon known as the cat's eye effect.


Color is the most important element in any gemstone. In alexandrites, the emphasis is all the more on the color, as it has color-changing properties. The quality of an alexandrite is determined by the extent to which it changes colors. A high-quality alexandrite will have almost 100% color change, and the quality wanes as the degree of color change decreases. If the stone's color instantly changes at light exposure, you know you have the perfect Alexandrite right there! Anything above 30% color change is acceptable - but below 30% is not something you should invest in, as it's not an alexandrite in the first place. Also pay attention to the color, the highest quality alexandrite changes from a bluish green to a purplish red. If you see any tint of brown in the color change, the stone is considered less valuable.


Alexandrites are found in different regions of the world. The best alexandrites are sourced from Russia, and thanks to their mesmerizing qualities, they are also highly expensive. The rarity and distinctiveness of these alexandrites makes them super valuable, as they have amazing color-changing properties. However, the Russian mines have been depleted and the only Russian stones available today are the ones that come out of private collections. Brazilian alexandrites are the next best and can rival the Russian stones. Brazilian alexandrites show a distinct and rich color change and the best quality natural alexandrites found in the market today. Indian alexandrites have a nice green color but have weaker color change in comparison to their Brazilian and Russian counterparts. As alexandrites from different regions feature different colors, it's easier to identify the origin of an alexandrite from its color itself.

Metals to Pair Alexandrite With

Now that you've decided to go ahead with the Alexandrite, you also need to know which metals it works best with. The challenging part of selecting the metal is the color-changing property of the Alexandrite. It creates a strikingly cool contrast when paired with white metals. But if you're looking for a warm, radiant effect, you can choose a yellow or rose gold setting.

The Mini Refined Beauty Engagement Ring features a simple three stone design set in classic 14K Yellow Gold

Yellow gold works best with alexandrites, as it compliments both the colors - it highlights the sparkly green and contrasts the bright red as well. The choice is all yours, depending on whether you want to create a warm or cool look. Apart from the overall look of the metal and how well it works with the Alexandrite, you also need to check for the longevity and purity of the metal, and whether or not it can handle everyday wear and tear.


The color of alexandrite rings determines the price. The more visible and obvious the color change is, the higher will be the value of the alexandrite stone. This is why, before pricing the stone, it is first tested through different lighting setups to note the extent of color change. If the stone displays less than 30% color change, it is not worth the investment at all. These types of stones will rather pass off as a random gemstone but will not fall in the category of alexandrites. The highest valued Alexandrites cost show 100% color change, depending on the light settings they are exposed to.

The alexandrites that change from bluish green to reddish purple are tagged for a higher price compared to those that change to brownish tones. So even when you head to purchase your Alexandrite, do check out the color change - if it's obvious enough, it's totally worth the price you're paying to purchase it.

Apart from this, the clarity, size, and cut are important factors that influence the cost of an alexandrite ring. Alexandrite rings that contain a stone less than one carat may be found in a budget of $2000 to $10,000. If you opt for a custom cut, the ring's value will shoot even higher because alexandrites are a challenge to cut. Cluster designs where small alexandrite stones are clustered together are more affordable choices for rings.

Types of Alexandrite Rings

You can mix and match the alexandrite stone with different metals, depending on the look you wish to create. You can also choose to craft a design as per your requirements. Some of the popular alexandrite ring designs are:

  • Alexandrite Engagement Ring
  • Birthstone Alexandrite Ring
  • White Gold Alexandrite Ring
  • Platinum Alexandrite Ring

Steps to Consider While Buying an Alexandrite Ring

Now that you're well-versed in different aspects of alexandrites, let's run you through how you should go about buying an alexandrite.

Fix the Budget

First and foremost, you need to define your budget. Different types of alexandrites are available in different budget ranges. So once your budget is defined, you can easily shortlist the rings you like before zeroing into the best one.

Choose a Reliable Jeweler

Selecting the right jeweler is just as important as choosing your ring. Remember, you'll be shelling out huge amounts for the perfect alexandrite ring. So it's best to pick the ring from a reputed jeweler to ensure you get the best, authentic alexandrite engagement ring.

Finalize the Design

When you pick the design for your partner, keep in mind their preferences and style too. They will flaunt the ring for the rest of their lives, so make sure you buy something they'd genuinely love wearing. The best part is that there are so many designs available out there that you're left spoilt for choice as a buyer. There's bold, delicate, sparkly, classy, blingy - you name it, and the ring is available out there - now it's up to you to pick the right one!

Convey Your Requirements to the Jeweler

Now that you've decided on all the important aspects, it's time to convey them to the jeweler. Again, have your research in place so that you don't fall for any false claims. And take your time before you pick the ring.

How to Care for an Alexandrite Ring

Alexandrite rings are easy to take care of - all you require is a soft toothbrush, mild soap, and regular water. As it's a hard stone, you can simply brush it gently to give it a clean. Alcohol or commercial cleaning solutions work wonders for alexandrites as well. You can also choose to clean your alexandrite jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner or a steamer. However, if you're looking for a deep cleanse, you can always head to the jeweler you purchased your ring from.

You can also place it in a bowl of water with a few drops of dish detergent for a while, rinse it out and dry it clean with a soft cloth. As Alexandrite isn't as hard as diamonds, it's advisable to take off the ring before swimming, exercising, heavy cleaning, or dealing with any chemicals.

Summing Up

We've told you everything you need to know while picking the best alexandrite engagement ring. Keep in mind that the engagement ring will mark a milestone in your life - so make sure it's worth it! Consider all the essential aspects before you pick the best ring for the love of your life. We hope this buying guide helps you - good luck finding the perfect ring!

Custom Make your very own Natural Alexandrite Ring and make it a once-in-a-lifetime event

Now, scroll through 10 of the most stunning alexandrite engagement rings ahead

1. Third Eye - 14K Yellow Gold Natural Alexandrite Ring

A stream of Diamond accent stones hugs the round-shaped Alexandrite stone set on a lush 14K Yellow Gold band. The delicate detailing on the band enlarges the ring for an elegant look. This beautiful design can sit alongside your engagement ring as a shaped wedding band or can just be enjoyed as a stunning design on its own.


2. Simplicity Princess - Platinum Natural Alexandrite Ring

True to its name the Simplicity Princess ring is designed to dazzle in a subtle way. With an alluring 0.24 ct Alexandrite centre stone, complimented by a Platinum band, this ring is an expression of subtle beauty. The ring has been crafted entirely by hand at our design studios so you can be confident that its of the very highest quality.


3. Serpent Eye - 18K White Gold Natural Alexandrite Ring

Strikingly contemporary and reminiscent of eternal love the ancient motif of a snake has been brought to life by our designers to celebrate the marquise cut of the stunning Alexandrite gemstone.


4. Two Be One - 18K White Gold Natural Alexandrite Ring

Beauty isn't complicated, sometimes it is as simple as your love for one another, a touch of a hand or the catching of an eye. It is what it is - a pure article. This ring from Safiya captures that simple sentiment through two alluring Alexandrite stones accented with shimmering Diamonds. Celebrate a first date, or a special anniversary with this beautiful ring.


5. Hidden Galaxy - 18K White Gold Natural Alexandrite Ring

Featuring four beautiful princess cut Natural Alexandrites invisibly set to look like one big stone, the Hidden Galaxy ring is special. Imagine the alexandrites transforming colors during the brilliant sunset as you sip cocktails and enjoy the company of envious friends. With surrounding Diamond sparkle and luxurious White Gold cladding, this ring is masterfully crafted to be equally stylish and impressive.


6. Deep Beauty - 18K White Gold Natural Alexandrite Ring

Featuring four beautiful princess cut Natural Alexandrites invisibly set to look like one big stone, the Hidden Galaxy ring is special. Imagine the alexandrites transforming colors during the brilliant sunset as you sip cocktails and enjoy the company of envious friends. With surrounding Diamond sparkle and luxurious White Gold cladding, this ring is masterfully crafted to be equally stylish and impressive.


7. Companion - 18K White Gold Natural Alexandrite Ring

This ring from Safiya brings to life the sentiment of a companion- a friend, a lover, someone who’s always with you. This one-of-a-kind open wrap ring features two phenomenal Alexandrites embellished with sparkling Diamonds at each end. A perfect gift for that special companion or yourself when you want to let your fingers do the talking.


8. Mini Refined Beauty - 14K Yellow Gold Natural Alexandrite Ring

This beautiful and understated design features a choice of pure Brazilian Alexandrite and sparkling Diamonds set delicately on the sides of the centre stone. Our design team have thoughtfully designed this ring with an extra slim band to celebrate the timeless love between yourself and your loved one while still giving a contemporary twist on the 3 stone classic. Add this piece to your layers and get some extra Oomph!


9. Refined Beauty - 14K White Gold Natural Alexandrite Ring

This beautiful and understated design features a choice of pure Brazilian Alexandrite and sparkling Diamonds set delicately on the sides of the centre stone. Our design team have thoughtfully designed this ring to celebrate the timeless love between yourself and your loved one while still giving a contemporary twist on the 3 stone classic.


10. The Splendid Jewel - 18K White Gold Natural Alexandrite Ring

Be the focus of envy at any event when you wear the The Splendid Jewel ring. Set with an impressive 0.82 carat gorgeous, Brazilian Alexandrite, flanked by sparkling Diamonds, this ring is a style investment you’ll love to wear. Perfect to spoil yourself or a stylish lady in your life.