Alexandrite Rings

How to Buy Real Alexandrite Rings online

1. How to differentiate between synthetic alexandrite and genuine alexandrite

  • How can you tell if an alexandrite is real?
    The best way to tell if an alexandrite is genuine or not would be to send the stone or jewelry to a reputed gem lab such as GIA or AGL. There would be a cost involved but it will give you the piece of mind of knowing the authenticity of the stone you have.
  • How to identify an Alexandrite gemstone
    Gemologists are taught to identify gemstones using a number of different tests. Some of these tests may require special equipment but the refractive index can quickly determine if your stone is an alexandrite or something else. A microscope and other tests may be required to determine if the alexandrite is natural or synthetic.

2. Where does alexandrite come from

  • Where is alexandrite found
    Alexandrites are found in a number of geographical regions around the world. Although it was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the late 1800s, Alexandrite has since been discovered in Sri Lanka, India, parts of Africa, and most notably Brazil. Brazilian Alexandrites have consistently produced high quality alexandrites since the mines were first discovered in Hematita in the 1980s.
  • Where is alexandrite mined
    Alexandrites are currently being mined in Hematita Brazil. There is also mining happening in India, Sri Lanka and parts of Africa. These are usually alluvial deposits so the supply is scattered and irregular. The Brazilian mines, however is a primary deposit and although initially produced high quality alexandrite of larger sizes is currently producing mainly smaller stones and the production volumes have come down over the years. This is why the price of alexandrite has risen considerably over the recent years in relation to this lack of supply.

3. How much does alexandrite cost

  • How rare is alexandrite
    If you think diamonds are rare, alexandrites are probably a million times more rare. A simple way to test this claim would be to walk into a local jeweler and see if they have any natural alexandrites on display or for sale. The chances are you would not be able to find one whereas diamonds can be seen everywhere.
  • How expensive is alexandrite
    Alexandrites have risen in price over the years. In 2012, high quality 1ct alexandrite from Brazil can fetch retail prices of $20,000 per carat and the price only increases as the size of the stone increases for the same quality.
  • How to determine alexandrite value
    The value of an alexandrite is determined by 4 important factors: the origin, the size, the clarity and color change. Russian alexandrites are extremely rare and if you have one it may be worth listing it in a famous auction house like Sotheby’s or Christies. Just make sure you have multiple gem lab reports confirming the origin of the stone.