Every lady loves a gift.

And no gift is more special; more dazzling or more breath-taking than jewelry containing a remarkable gem that changes color in different light.

That renowned birthstone gem for June is Alexandrite.

And it’s perfect as a June birthstone gift when mounted in a ring or necklace or as an engagement ring if the bride-to-be was born in June.

Discovered in the 1830’s in Russia’s Ural Mountains, Alexandrite is one of the rarest gems on earth and certainly one that’s amongst the most talked about.

Glowing a rich bluish green in daylight, Alexandrite changes color instantly to a plum purple in candlelight. 

A depth of color change other gemstones cannot match.

And the strongest color change is found in Alexandrite sourced from just one mine in Central Brazil.

Which accounts for the rarity value of your June Alexandrite birthstone because that’s the mine where all Safiya’s gems are found.

Gems which are then handcrafted into the most exquisite June birthstone jewelry imaginable.

Of course, there are alternative birthstones for June including Pearls and Moonstone, but they pale beside the sheer beauty of real Alexandrite

An Alexandrite birthstone gift in June is one that will not be forgotten and also one that will be admired by many.