For over 25 years Safiya’s parent company has been one of the largest alexandrite wholesalers in Asia and around the world. Buying directly from the only major alexandrite mine in operation today, they decided in 2009 to expand beyond wholesale and created Safiya Alexandrites, named for the founder’s grandmother. Now, as a passionate alexandrite collector, you have access to the world’s best source of this exceptional gem, and you can purchase these stones set in Safiya’s exquisite settings. Truly an incredible opportunity.


Safiya also has a number of larger, collector quality stones available. Please contact us to find out what stones are currently available.


Safiya only uses 100% natural untreated Brazilian stones as they are the best quality available in the world today. Most retailers online sell synthetic alexandrite jewelry.  Other retailers sell stones from India and Sri Lanka which exhibit weak color change or no color change at all.

Safiya purchases directly from the mine giving them access to the top quality rough pieces as well as prices you can only get by going right to the source. Safiya Alexandrite’s stones are handpicked by the experts and set in pieces designed to showcase their beauty. The Safiya brand is dedicated to one stone – Alexandrite – and they know it like no one else can.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and top quality materials, Safiya designs are not only beautiful but beautifully made.