Believe it or not, June has 3 birthstones to choose from.

Pearl, Moonstone and the fabled Alexandrite.

Pearls have been a traditional wardrobe staple, especially for our Grandmothers, for centuries. (In fact, you’ll rarely see Queen Elizabeth without her 3-strand set) They signify purity, humility and innocence and have been often gifted at weddings.

Occurring naturally in both salt and freshwater molluscs, natural pearls are being replaced by cultured pearls in vast pearl farms, often miles from human habitation as they need pure, unpolluted water to survive – an increasing rarity in today’s world.

Ultimately, they do require a particular wardrobe style to be shown at their best and may not be suited to everyone.

Moonstones, on the other hand, are a naturally occurring semi-precious stone.

In Indian mythology they were thought to be captured moonbeams and indeed their milky opalescence does appear to embody that name. 

They achieved their highest prominence in the swinging sixties when designers incorporated them into their ‘Hippy’ designs and again in the ‘90’s in ‘New Age’ collections.

Today, they’re mined abundantly in many tropical countries and set in locally designed jewelry. 

The final June birthstone, Alexandrite, strangely enough, hasn’t been available for very long as it was only discovered in 1830 in the Russian Ural Mountains. For many years Russia was the only source of Alexandrite and, due to a limited supply, it was jealously guarded and used in only the most expensive jewelry. Think Faberge Easter Eggs!

But, as often happens, when one gem source is exhausted another will be found. And it was in the high plateaus of Central Brazil where Alexandrite of equal quality to the Russian gems was discovered in 1985.

Today, this unique June birthstone changes color under different light. In daylight it shines a striking blue-green, whilst under artificial light it radiates a plum purple.

Because of its rarity and unprecedented color change ability, many discerning people have seen Alexandrite as the June birthstone of choice. Today’s modern collections and designs handcrafted by talented artisans can perfectly set off today’s high fashion; entrance a bride-to-be who was born in June or even celebrate a special anniversary that falls in June.

It is because of its rarity and color change ability that Alexandrite is naturally viewed as the most valuable of the June birthstones.
April 08, 2021