From Humble Beginnings....

It was at The World Famous Tucson Gem show that our Founder – whilst passing one particular stall - was smitten as if with a beautiful woman.

This particular stall displayed nothing but newly discovered Brazilian Alexandrites which were just coming to prominence.

Nothing he had ever seen could compare with a gem that changed color before his eyes.

Within a few short years he had introduced alexandrite gems to Japan AND become a very significant buyer of the original stones.

More and more Japanese clients were asking for singularly designed pieces of jewelry rather than just wholesale gems and so he decided to satisfy this ever growing demand by concentrating on alexandrite jewelry.

….to a new future

By the late 1990’s the original company had grown significantly and when his son left college in the USA, he joined as the next generation to be enraptured by alexandrites.

At this point it was decided to create a new company that would deal solely in precious jewelry.

But what to call it?

The name was in front of his eyes.

Safiya was his grandmother and it was the greatest compliment he could pay her to have her name enshrined in the company.

Safiya was born.

And continued to create magical pieces of the finest jewelry for our discerning US clientele.

The designs were so exquisite that they caught the eye of several noted jewelry retailers who had outlets on cruise ships.

These retailers presented both individual pieces and collections to their high end customers who sailed home and proudly displayed them to their discerning friends.

Word spread amongst this elite group of people that Alexandrite was a gem that got noticed and was admired.

As did the wearer.

Today, the matching of the finest colored alexandrite gems continues at the highest level before they are handed over to experienced designers who outline the jewelry before being passed on to craftsmen to create the finished pieces.

And now Safiya proudly presents them to you.