Precious Petals 14K White Gold Alexandrite Ring

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Composed of seven round-shaped alexandrite stones clustered together with 14K Gold prongs, the Precious Petals ring is inspired by one of Safiya’s key sources of inspiration: nature and couture. The naturalistic design creates a strong sense of movement is a stunning piece for the timeless woman.

Our Signature Color-Change Box

Safiya pieces come complete with our signature color-change box. The light within allows you to see how our Alexandrites transform colors in both incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

Know Your Alexandrite

When you buy your alexandrite jewelry from Safiya, you know you’re buying a natural, untreated gem. That’s because each piece of our fine jewelry is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity clearly stating the gem IS natural and untreated.

Buying the best is why Safiya only source our gems direct from one mine in Hematita, Brazil - where the rarest alexandrites of the highest quality are mined. And by buying direct, Safiya can pass on the considerable saving to our customers.

No other mine comes close to producing alexandrites with the remarkable color change from a rich bluish green in daylight to a deep plum red in artificial light as the Hematita mine. Certainly synthetics don’t even come close. You can buy cheaper, but you can’t buy better.